Why this concept...

Ornamental exotic plants are more harmful to ecosystems than other native plants. These plants are insects beneficial and insects such as mosquito might be cause harm to human beings especially in your urban home surrounding. Unchecked vegetation and even improper pollination grow the risk of cultivating invasive species in Sri Lanka’s natural environment. Wildreach Trust recognizes the threat of alien species and offers our services in landscaping in an ecologically feasible manner.

Busy lifestyle does not allow you to dedicate time for environmental conservation but definitely you may be happy contributing to our effort by obtaining our services to transform your garden into a butterfly garden while providing an oasis for butterflies in urban scenery too.

How to work out...

Possessing a minimum 6 perches of land is the basic qualification to apply for our services and our team will work out with your requirements to offer you a realistic natural garden with colorful butterflies in cost effective way. (First visit to the field is free of charge and total estimate will be given including special requirements if necessary.)

Our goal...
Contribute our knowledge, skills and passion to enhance and conserve the bio diversity and natural environment for future generation.

Ideal for...

Foreign, exotic plants are more harmful than one would think- they pose a threat to ecosystems of Sri Lanka by competing with native plants and affecting insects beneficial to the environment; they might even be harmful to your children. With unchecked vegetation or when pullulating without proper supervision,

Tourist hotels
Butterfly garden is ideal concept for tourists’ attraction. Foreign researchers and students who accommodate in your hotel will stay some more days spending time in your own hotel garden and definitely foreign and even local visitors will google your hotel name for real photography, experience butterflies, and to feel the beauty of butterflies.

Home Gardens
Make your living place smart looking and the most suitable way for that is to transform your home garden into a butterfly garden. Around your house you can have blossoms and you may have special gain of avoiding mosquito problems. This age friendly natural environment will heal children’s and adults minds in rush urban limits.

Factory Surrounding
Use your empty factory surrounding fruitfully to go green. Contribute to the country saving and enhancing unused environment. Restless minds of work place will heal for a while and this would be an advantage to market your product in an environment friendly manner.

Tea Estates
Show off your passion for nature to Rainforest Alliance to achieve your industrial goals by converting your estate bungalow premises in to a butterfly niche.

Resource Persons

Nature lovers, industrialists, spiritual relaxation seekers, household, estates and anyone who like to go green.


Founder of Wildreach needs to awaken the human hearts with passion to enhance and conserve the natural environment of the country. This new concept was developed and experimented to sharp the skills. Only effort is to get the people’s contribution to save the environment who cannot directly work in the field due to thousands of reasons.


Doing a silent contribution to the country always guide and work to develops the most beautiful and attractive butterfly gardens. Dedicate sharpen skills, knowledge and abilities to go green with butterfly gardens for many years.

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